Me Myself and Why: Instagram and Other Musings

In being a part of the music industry, it is imperative to use social media to gain and keep a following. Artists will use popular platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter to create content that their audience can relate to and adds to their brand value. As an artist, my preference for social media in regards to self-expression and capturing my brand is Instagram. Not only is this platform one of the most used by my generation, but the platform being based around sharing pictures and having an aesthetic is fitting for me and my brand journey. Musicians should have more than one social media outlet, however, it is important to know which platform does the best job of encapsulating who you are and what inspires you as an artist.

In respect to social media, I decided to take a social media course through my university this semester. For me, taking a class in regards to social media was never about obligation to a major or minor requirement, but about self-discovery and how to best utilize social media to convey my brand. The concept of people being their own brand (personal branding) is still a fairly new concept to a degree; it’s not about selling, it’s about showing your story and through that capturing an audience. I know myself more through countless times of self-reflection/introspection and the guidance of professors who have come to know me very well, so now it’s not a question of “who am I?”, it’s a “why and how am I?” question that needs to be not necessarily answered, but needs collateral evidence for my audience.

My hope is that by late April/early May when this semester is over, I will not only have a better understanding how to utilize social media, but be what my dear professor regularly reiterates to me, being content with my “onlyness”.



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