Social Media Audits are Tedious…But Useful (An Overview of Lush Cosmetics and Audits)

  1. 1.
    an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body.

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I had never heard that word uttered before until about September or so of this past year. Little did I know it would become a commonly used phrase within my vocabulary within my time in Anderson university’s school of business.

One of my most recent social media audits was done over the cosmetics company, Lush Cosmetics. Just to give you an idea of who and what Lush is, Lush is a privately owned beauty and personal care retailer a in Poole, United Kingdom. Since then, there have been over 500+ stores opened world-wide. Lush is known for their vegetarian and vegan products, friendly customer service and interest in many causes and social justice issues.

The process of putting together an audit for Lush was slightly tedious yet also intriguing. Starting off my process of finding out about Lush and their social media, I essentially scouted out every possible platform they were posting on and their accounts. Then, I went onto analytics I could find about their social media traffic, interactions and what they are posting.

In my time spent researching Lush’s social media, here’s what I found:

  1. Lush are fantastic at answering the questions of their customers, seeking out ways to engage with them on social media and letting customers know they are seen and important to them.
  2. Posts on their platforms seem well-intended, not gimmicky and have their own aesthetic and purpose behind them.
  3. Lush are very open about their activism and interest in social justice and what is happening in the world today.

On the flip side of that…

  1. Lush has way too many social media accounts. Especially on Twitter. There’s an account for several locations, press, their kitchen, and many more, which is overwhelming as somebody researching their company and as a customer.
  2. Lush are good at customer service, but almost a little too good at it; some of their accounts are spent almost solely on answering the questions of customers, which is helpful, but doesn’t build much intrigue or a relationship with an audience if they are only answering questions or replying.
  3. Content seems too sporadic, varies depending on the platform and what account they are using; matching isn’t necessarily but too much differentiation can be confusing to viewers.

One of the most valuable things that this audit has taught me is that companies aren’t perfect; there is always room for growth and fufilling purpose. Regardless of the good and bad things about Lush Cosmetics, they are a solid, philantropical company that uses their product for the good of the world and to bring light to social issues

Check out Lush’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat: @lushfreshsnaps to find out more about their amazing skin/beauty/hair products and what they do.


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