UK Band Moose Blood Dismisses Drummer From Band

Hi friend!

If you’re reading this, you’re expecting to be reading about a band. However, i’m also going to be discussing sexual harassment, assault, etc. so this article might get a little PG-13 and I would kindly exit now if that topic is triggering for you. If not, then please proceed!




Do we as a society take sexual harassment too lightly?

I think we do. 

When a person makes claim of sexual harassment or assault, people are usually quick not assume the truth or actually find the claim valid. I believe this issue is especially pressing when it comes down to members of bands sexually harassing or assaulting fans, people in general.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Moose Blood.

And now you might be asking yourself who Moose Blood even are.

Moose Blood are an emo band from Kent, United Kingdom. They formed in 2012 and are currently signed to Hopeless Records. They have released two albums, I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time (2014) and Blush (2016) along with several EPs. Moose Blood are known for their songs Gum, Bukowski and Knuckles (which has gotten a lot of airplay on alternative music radio stations in the US).

As of Wednesday the 22nd, the group collectively decided that drummer Glenn Harvey would no longer be a part of their band due to allegations of him sexually harassing a minor with unsolicited sexual pictures online. The band posted their statement on Facebook saying:

“Hi everyone

It’s taken a few days to respond to everything that’s circulating online at the moment regarding our band but Glenn Harvey is not currently a member of Moose Blood.

In no way do we support any disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour towards anyone, male or female.

This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly.

We will continue with our North American tour, with the exception of St. Louis tonight, with our good friend on drums.

Moose Blood and our label Hopeless Records will be making a charitable donation to RAINN to show our support and awareness.

We appreciate your patience and your loyalty”. 


Fans have commented on Facebook and Twitter, clearly with many varying opinions on the whole ordeal. Some seem to not care that the incident occurred and don’t understand why Harvey was let go from the band, while others feel that Moose Blood did not really apologize in their statement and feel a sense of anger towards the group. While I read the comments, there were further accuastions that cropped up in pertinence with their lead singer, Eddy Brewerton in which he allegedly shared nude photos of a girl in the band’s Whatsapp group without the person’s consent. So far no one has come foward to say that this is true, but you can read the claims here and here .

P.S. side rant, my favorite comments were random guys making comments about wanting to replace the drummer, totally disregarding the content and what he did. Nice one, bros.

Myself being a fan, after I heard the news I was extremely disappointed. I would like to think that the bands I claim to be a fan of would choose to made good decisions and be good people, however, that can’t always happen. This situation has made me reflect a lot on how I feel about working in the industry knowing people like this are actively involved in it, and how I stand on this as a fan.

Do I take down my posters or not wear my merch anymore?

Do I still consider myself a fan? 

The answer is honestly, I don’t know right now. But what I do know is that sexual harrassment, whether it’s coming from a band member/celebrity, is never okay and I’m proud of the women who stepped forward and shared their experiences. It takes courage to tell the truth.


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